Best Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

Best Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

Best Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

Besides notoriously cool sunnies, you can also grab stylish prescription glasses at QUAY. Just as you'd take time to track down the perfect pair of shades, look into which glasses frames best complement your face shape. After all, you'd be wearing your prescription glasses to keep your vision crystal clear for all occasions, whether you're driving to work or heading out on a holiday vacation.

What Shape Is My Face?

Identifying your face shape helps you amp up your specs appeal and know what to look for in the perfect pair of glasses. Check out our Virtual Try-On Tool to discover your face shape and get all the deets on the glasses styles that best suit your face below.  

  • Square: A square-shaped face is all about angular features. You can match one with round frames that soften it, although angular frames can also help enhance your features. 

  • Round: A round-shaped face is equally wide and long. Because it's a soft silhouette, glasses with straight lines and angles complement it well. 

  • Oval: Similar to a round-shaped face, an oval-shaped face is slightly longer than it is wide. Frames with lines and angles help balance its soft features. 

  • Triangle: A triangle-shaped face is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Any frame featuring bold colors and shapes in the upper part will complement this face shape — think cat eye, square, and oval glasses. 

  • Heart-shaped: A heart-shaped face essentially follows the outline of an inverted triangle, so the forehead is the widest part of the face, and the chin is the narrowest. Rounded and tapered glasses will draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. 

  • Smaller: Size matters, which is why QUAY also carries scaled-down frames to give those with smaller faces comfortable and snug fits. 

What Glasses Look Good on Me? The Best Prescription Glasses by Face Shapes

At QUAY, our prescription glasses include perks such as blue light technology, anti-reflection, high-index lenses, UV protection, scratch resistance, and smudge resistance on top of your frames and Rx lenses. Get started with amping up your specs appeal by finding the perfect fit for your face. All you need is your pupillary distance and an unexpired prescription, which you can get during an eye checkup at the optometrist. P.S. Besides clear prescription glasses, you can pick up prescription sunglasses

Now, let's peek at the best glasses for your face shape. 

Best Prescription Glasses for Square Faces

  • BIG TIME RX: Round out your eyewear wardrobe BIG TIME RX with circular prescription glasses that offer adjustable nose pads and metal frames for comfort and durability. 

  • JACKPOT RX If you've got a square face, JACKPOT RX in a circular frame. A prime example of style meets durability, these specs feature a flattering round shape with metal temples and adjustable nose pads.

What to avoid: Those with square faces may want to avoid square frames, but the rules aren't set in stone. In fact, angular frames with sharp lines can help enhance square faces. 

square prescription frames

Best Prescription Glasses for Round Faces

  • VIDEO ON RX: Sound up. VIDEO ON. Let your on-screen style speak volumes in these flattering, oversized square injection frames that balance the soft features of a round face. 

  • WIRED RX: Have your look all WIRED up with QUAY's cult fave square frame. Because of how versatile it is, you can pair it with virtually any fit. 

What to avoid: If you have a round face, you may want to skip narrow, oval, and round frames, which will not provide a balanced look. 

Best Prescription Glasses for Oval Faces

  • CEO RX: Show them who's boss in CEO. The perfect combo of a square with cat eye edges, this effortlessly cool pair with premium injection frames helps create angles on an oval face. 

  • ON THE FLY RX: Go ON THE FLY with a bold aviator frame that complements your oval-shaped face with straight lines. 

What to avoid: Oversized specs may throw off balance on an oval face. 

white square frames

Best Prescription Glasses for Triangle Faces

  • MT TYPE RX: Oversized square frames are a MY TYPE for those with triangle faces. These premium injection glasses come in statement colors for a bold look and reinforced frames for extra durability. 

  • SEND IT RX: SEND IT your look with a charming cat eye that'll bring balance to a triangle face with its large frame. 

What to avoid: With a triangle face, round and small frames may not draw enough attention to the forehead, so you may want to steer clear of them. 

Best Prescription Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

  • CALL THE SHOTS RX: Those with heart-shaped faces can CALL THE SHOTS with a tapered cat eye frame that draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones. With a universal fit and injection temples, this a QUAY fave.

  • I SEE YOU RX: Got a heart-shaped face? I SEE YOU. Coming with adjustable nose pads, this round metal frame is versatile enough for everyday wear, and its shape contrasts with a pointed jaw. 

What to avoid: Rimless frames may not pop out as much on heart-shaped faces. 

Best Prescription Glasses for Smaller Faces

  • ALGORITHM RX: Go with the ALGORITHM when you pick up a medium rectangular pair that’s virtually timeless. With reinforced metal arms, silicone nose pads, and an injection frame, this spec is all about comfort and durability. 

  • LUCKY YOU RX: All good things in LUCKY YOU. This soft cat-eye shape with acetate frame makes a soft and delicate touch to any look. 

What to avoid: Those with petite faces should skip large frames — that said, check out our Mini Collection to get bold statement looks that are snug and fitted.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles as you hunt down the right specs for your face shape. Find stylish prescription glasses and sunglasses to flex your fit when you shop QUAY Rx.

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