Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Oval

Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Oval

Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Oval

Got an oval face? You’re in luck when it comes to finding sunglasses, since you have a naturally symmetrical face that looks fab in most frames. Here’s the lowdown on your gorgeous shape and which frames go best with it as we’ll show you ahead, there are many stylish sunglasses for an oval face.

What Is My Face Shape?

Before we dive into the best sunglasses for oval faces, let’s break down what an oval face looks like and what other shapes are out there. 

Oval Faces

Oval faces are taller than they’re wide, and they’re the widest around the eye area. Since they feature subtle curves, they go flawlessly with frames that create angles. A rectangular frame is arguably the best sunglass shape for an oval face, but cat eyes, shields, and other geometric picks are also go-to's.

Other Face Shapes

  • Round: Round faces are as tall as they’re wide, and they generally feature soft curves. Pop on frames that create lines and angles for balance with their curves.

  • Heart: Heart faces follow a heart-shaped silhouette where the forehead is the widest part of the face and the jaw is the narrowest area. Round and tapered styles complement them perfectly.

  • Square: Square faces flaunt angular features, so round frames soften them while rectangular ones sharpen them.

  • Triangle: Triangle faces feature narrow foreheads and broad jaws, so they’re the opposite of heart-shaped ones. They look great with browline, cat eye, and square sunglasses for a polished look. 
  • Smaller: If you’ve got a smaller face, get the just-right size when you shop our small and medium frames.

Finding the Best Sunglasses for an Oval Face

Oval faces can work beautifully with many frames — they especially pair well with frames that have straight lines and create angles. Here are our fave eyewear picks for oval faces.  

Rectangular Sunglasses: YADA YADA

Stay tuned for the YADA YADA. Perfect for balancing an oval face’s soft silhouette, this rectangular frame is solid yet lightweight, making it ideal for everyday wear. Pick it up in a classic black or trendy tortoiseshell to turn heads your way. Whichever colorway you choose, this frame will tie your look together, no matter if you’re in a laidback hiking fit or a breezy beach swimsuit.

Cat Eye Sunglasses: BAD HABIT

Pop on a cat eye with a stylish flick to complement your oval face. Keep it fierce in BAD HABIT, an edgy cat eye with a flush lens and narrow temple. This timeless piece makes for a chic off-duty pick that will match all of your OOTDs, whether you want retro vibes or a fly street style. We especially love it with a mesh top for the ultimate festival look.

Aviator Sunglasses: ALL IN

Consider us ALL IN for a classic aviator on an oval face. This medium-sized aviator is a unisex classic with a combination frame and smooth temple tips. For all the bright times, you can even pick it up with polarized lenses to cut down glare. Step out in style, whether you’re in a cozy knit for a casual morning coffee run or that little black dress for a fun night out. 

Frames to Avoid for Oval Face Shapes

Oversized Frames

Frames that are too big may throw off the balance of an oval face shape, but that doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of oversized frames. Experiment with different styles to find what works best for you. Use our Virtual Try-On Tool to see whether or not you’re vibing with a frame. 

Oval faces — really, all the faces — can keep it flawlessly stylish with QUAY sunglasses. Explore the latest eyewear looks when you browse our New Sunglasses Collection


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