Why Choose Prescription Sunglasses?

Why Choose Prescription Sunglasses?

Why Choose Prescription Sunglasses?

Looking for vision correction while still wanting to flex your fave sunnies? Check off both from your wishlist with Quay’s new prescription sunglasses. You can now throw shade and see things clearly. If you’re curious about Quay’s prescription sunglasses, here are the deets you need to know.

A female model wearing a black top with QUAY HIGH KEY prescription sunglasses

What Are Prescription Sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are just what they sound like, TBH. They allow you to throw on some shade when it’s bright out while giving you visual clarity with your prescription. At Quay, our Rx Collection features some of our besties like HIGH KEY and JEZABELL. Everything’s bundled up in the $185 price — enjoy deets such as high-index lenses, anti-reflection coating, UV protection, and scratch-resistance with no extra add-on costs. To find the right fit, try our Virtual Try-On Tool.

A blonde female model wearing a brown leather jacket and gold chain necklace with QUAY SWEAT DREAMS prescription sunglasses

Pros and Cons of Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses come with many perks, as well as a few things to consider. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you pick out a pair to wear on the daily. 

Pros of Prescription Sunglasses

  • Clear Vision. Whether you’re spotting the waves on vacay or reading a traffic sign as you cruise down the streets, clear vision is a major perk of wearing prescription sunglasses outside. 
  • UV Protection. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection allows you to soak up some sun while practicing safe specs. Even on cloudy days, UV rays can still potentially harm your eyes—many sunnies, such as Quay’s prescription sunglasses, offer UV protection.    
  • Stylish Offerings. Flex styles from Quay’s prescription sunnies collection, which features high-quality specs with luxe details and durable builds. 
  • More Versatile Than Transition Lenses. Depending on the situation, prescription sunglasses can be better than transitional lenses, which will darken in cars and other places where glass blocks UV rays. While transition lenses are great outdoors, they’re not ideal for driving.  

Cons of Prescription Sunglasses

  • More Expensive than Regular Sunglasses. Prescription sunnies tend to cost a little more than regular sunglasses due to the prescription and extra features. However, they’re an upgrade from over-the-counter specs without vision correction.
  • Need to Have Two Pair of Glasses. If you regularly wear prescription glasses, you’ll likely need to carry around regular glasses as well. However, you’ll have both an indoor and outdoor option available, and prescription sunglasses will offer you sun protection and clear vision when you’re in bright light.
A male model ocean side wearing a denim jacket with QUAY EVASIVE prescription sunglasses

Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth it? 

If you want quality, prescription sunglasses are worth the hype. Though they cost more than regular sunglasses or Rx glasses, they come with major perks. For clarity and UV protection out in the sun, they’re investment pieces that give you bang for your buck. Plus, our sunnies at Quay come with all of the werks, from UV protection to scratch-resistance. 

Want to learn about potential payment plans? At Quay, we accept Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) as long as they’re associated with a major credit card, so make sure to use them before you lose them. Or, contact your vision plan care provider to see if you can get a reimbursement for Quay’s prescription sunglasses — check out this page for links to reimbursement forms. 

A female model with grey/silver hair posing and wearing a brown top with QUAY AFTER HOURS tortoise prescription sunglasses

Can Any Sunglasses Be Made Prescription?

Quay Rx sunglasses come as an all-inclusive package with frames and lenses for $185. If you’ve got a pair of sunnies that you love and want to turn into prescription ones, check with your eye care professional to have your prescription lenses made + fitted. 

After getting an up-to-date prescription from your local optometrist, all you need to do is choose from Quay’s prescription sunglasses collection, then get ready to flex in your new fave style. 

Choose Afterpay so you can buy what you want today and pay in four equal installments.


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