Best Sunglasses For Smaller Faces

Best Sunglasses For Smaller Faces

Best Sunglasses For Smaller Faces

Fit is QUAY. Those with petite faces can find it challenging to find a just-right fit, but there’s no need to sacrifice style or comfort. At QUAY, we offer a wide range of scaled-down sunnies in our Small Sunglasses and Glasses Frames Collection. If you’re wondering which pairs you can werk with a smaller face, read ahead for the deets. 

What Is My Face Shape

While there are versatile sunnies that complement many face shapes, one size might not fit all. Knowing your face shape and size can help you find a head-turning pair of specs that you’ll love. 

Smaller Faces

Size matters. If you have a small face, you might have to hunt hard to find a comfy pair of shades or glasses. QUAY’s collection includes minis and scaled-down frames so those with smaller faces can flex confidently with the perfect fit. (Side note: if you’re on the lookout for the best kids’ sunglasses, minis can also be an excellent solution.) 

Other Face Shapes

  • Square: Square faces have angular features, so contrasting round glasses or complementing square frames go well with them. 

  • Round: Round faces are as wide as they're long. Frames that feature angles and straight lines bring balance to this soft silhouette.

  • Oval: Oval faces also have soft features, but they’re longer than they’re wide. Like round faces, these faces can werk frames with angles and straight lines. 

  • Heart: Heart-shaped faces feature wide foreheads and narrow chins. Those with this face shape can sweeten it up with squares and rounds that contrast a pointed jawline. 

  • Triangle: Triangle faces are inverted heart-shaped faces, coming with a narrow forehead and broad jawline. Bold colors and shapes (think: ovals and cat eyes) bring attention to the top half of a triangular face.  

What Are the Best Sunglasses for Small Faces?

Finding stylish sunglasses for small faces can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. Ahead, we break down our top recs to keep your fit on point. 

A female model wearing a gold necklace and hoop earrings with QUAY HIGH KEY   mini sunglasses


It’s QUAY’s cult fave aviator — but mini. It features everything you love about the OG HIGH KEY, including flat lenses, triangle notches, and adjustable nose pads. Plus, it comes with options for polarized lenses and a range of colorways so that you can flex it in a style you love. Whether you’re lounging during vacay or having a kickback with the homies, it’s a go-to for virtually every occasion. For an even smaller style, check out HIGH KEY MICRO from our QUAY x Paris collection

A male model smiling and wearing QUAY ALL IN sunglasses with a light olive green backdrop


Get fly and go ALL IN. For an effortless style that’ll have them do a double take, get ready with this durable metal + PC injection frame. Lens choices include a range of limited edition colorways, plus a polarized version. It’s the perfect shade for a casual golden hour selfie — just add statement drip. 

Frames to Avoid

Oversized Frames

Small faces can flex it in many frame shapes, but it may be helpful to know what styles to avoid. One style to skip is the oversized look, as sunnies labeled as oversized or large may be too big on petite faces. That said, it’s still possible to find sleek petite sunglasses — dig into QUAY’s Mini Collection to find aviators, rounds, squares, and more.  

For a flawless fit on smaller faces, use our Virtual Try-On Tool to gauge your face shape and test out QUAY faves. 

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