How to Determine Your Face Shape


How to Determine Your Face Shape

Faces come in all shapes and sizes, so finding frames that fit just right is QUAY–and it starts with knowing your face shape. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Read on for everything you need to know to find eyewear silhouettes that might as well have been made for you.  

What Is My Face Shape?

If you’re wondering how to determine your face shape, let’s go back to the basics. 

    • Round: Round faces have an even height-to-width ratio and look best in frames with straight lines that create balance and angles, like shields and squares.  
    • Oval: Oval faces are longer than they are wide. Bold frame shapes like cat eyes and aviators are must-have fits here. 
    • Square: Square faces are defined by angular features. Circular frames soften those angles, while square ones enhance them. 
    • Heart: Heart faces have narrow jaws and wider foreheads. If this is you, keep it sweet with round or tapered specs. 
    • Triangle: Triangle faces are narrow on top and broader at the bottom. Defined frame shapes, like squares and cat eyes, bring balance to this facial structure. 
QUAY infographic with sunglasses recommendations for people with round, square, oval, heart, and triangle face shapes

How Does Head Shape Affect Your Face Shape?

Your face shape goes beyond the silhouette of your face. Size matters and so do other facial features. These extra considerations should factor into which frames you choose.

Smaller Faces

While we love an bold moment, oversized sunnies can overwhelm smaller faces. That’s why we offer cult faves in scaled-down mini and micro sizes. For example, our #1 aviator, HIGH KEY, comes in mini and micro picks so there’s a fit for everyone. FYI: We’ve got frame dimensions in our descriptions to help you find the right fit. Each page also indicates if a frame is small, medium or large.

Low Bridge

One bridge you may need to cross when searching for the perfect frames is the one on your face: your nose bridge. If your nose is lower on your face, you have a low bridge and should look for sunnies and glasses designed for that bridge height. These specs have features such as adjustable nose pads, curved temples and tilted frames that lift the frames up and away from your face. Fan favorite go-to’s for low-bridge faces include HARDWIRE LOW BRIDGE FIT RX and BLUEPRINT LOW BRIDGE FIT


Why Is Understanding Your Face Shape Important?

Understanding your face shape is QUAY when it comes to finding frames that look fly AF, feel good and don’t slide down. There’s no such thing as hard-and-fast rules when it comes to frames and face shapes, so don’t shy away from trying specs recommended for other face shapes.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Tools You Need

Determining your face shape is easy–all you need is a ruler. Start by measuring your face’s width (cheek-to-cheek) and height (forehead-to-jaw). 

If the measurements are equal, you have a round face. If your face is longer than it is wide, you have an oval one. It’s also helpful to note if you have soft or angular features since curves are associated with round faces and angles with square faces. Additionally, measure your forehead and see how it sizes-up compared to your jaw. A wider forehead and a narrower jaw means you have a heart-shaped face whereas the reverse means you have a triangular one. 

Of course, you can skip the ruler altogether with our Virtual Try-On Tool, which identifies your face shape and enables you to virtually try on frames. If you want more of a personal touch, you can also visit your local Quay store for expert guidance from our team. 

After finding the perfect fit, simply add them to your cart and check-out. Don’t forget, you can use Afterpay to flex now and pay later in four equal installments. 

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