Grab Your Aviators and Fly Like Miles Teller in Top Gun

Grab Your Aviators and Fly Like Miles Teller in Top Gun

Grab Your Aviators and Fly Like Miles Teller in Top Gun

When you’re thinking of the Top Gun franchise, we bet you’re probably envisioning classic cool aviator sunnies — we know we are. Here’s everything you need to know about the history of sunnies in Top Gun and how you can recreate Tom Cruise and Miles Teller's Navy pilot fighter looks with your fave QUAYs.

What You Need to Know About the Top Gun-Style Aviator Sunglasses

Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell has been synonymous with his fly sunnies since 1986. A total heartthrob in the 80s, Tom Cruise harnessed a specs appeal that led to the aviator becoming one of the signature styles of the decade. His aviators are timeless — we see him flexing them again over three decades later in Top Gun: Maverick, in which he’s now a mission trainer. Tom’s not the only one wearing classic cool specs, though. The aviator has significantly shaped the franchise with its eyeconic impact. Plenty of other pilots in the original film, such as Val Kilmer's Iceman, can be spotted wearing sunnies, too. Moreover, a rugged Miles Teller in the Top Gun sequel is also sporting this foolproof silhouette. 

A female model posing with their arms over their head wearing an orange long sleeve with QUAY HIGH KEY aviator frames

Recreating the Top Gun Aviators 

You can replicate Tom and Miles’ classic looks with your fave QUAY aviator frames, no matter if you’re getting ready for the next music festival, beach adventure, or work commute. Both actors wear light metal frames with dark lenses, but you can pick and choose your fave lens + frame color combo with a wide-ranging pick like HIGH KEY. ICYMI, HIGH KEY is a classic QUAY metal frame beloved for its flat lenses, signature triangle notches, and adjustable nose pads — it’s a fave for everyone from pop superstars to Love Island-ers

HIGH KEY includes a thorough selection of colorways and sizes. There are classic black, black to gold, rainbow, purple, brown, and more lenses. Size-wise, you can choose from the OG oversized HIGH KEY or scale things down with a MINI or MICRO pick. You can also choose from finishes such as polarized and faded. Want a pair of aviator eyeglasses for work on the daily? Check out our blue light lenses in HIGH KEY, too.

A collection of QUAY Polarized Top Gun Style Glasses

HIGH KEY isn’t your only option, of course. At QUAY, we also have a collection of Top Gun-inspired specs for you to track down the perfect sky-ready sunnies. Miles’ look, for example, does lean more square, so you can get that squared-off look with a pick such as POSTER BOY. Besides HIGH KEY and POSTER BOY, we've also featured other aviator sunglasses such as ALL IN.

Now that Tom’s passing the torch to Miles, we’re keen to see which head-turning sunnies style will be in store for the next Miles Teller movies. For now, we're keeping it fly and wingman-ready with HIGH KEY and other classic aviator specs

Remember that you can use Afterpay to slay + pay in four equal installments.

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