Chasing Waves: Your QUAY Guide to the Coolest Beaches in the World

Chasing Waves: Your QUAY Guide to the Coolest Beaches in the World

Chasing Waves: Your QUAY Guide to the Coolest Beaches in the World

Nothing pairs perfectly with QUAY sunnies like bright sun, soft sands, and blue waters. Looking for your next dream destination? Here’s a guide to the coolest beaches in the world to flex your fave sunglasses in style. For all the bright times on vacay, pop on a pair of polarized beach sunnies to keep it shady

Keawaiki Bay — Big Island, Hawaii

Sink your toes into warm black sand as you enjoy the unforgettable view at Keawaiki Bay. The sand color comes from volcanic stones that formed Hawaii’s islands. The rocky shore features one lone palm tree set against a clear blue sky for the picture-perfect vacay vibe. 

South Beach — Miami, Florida

Craving a little R&R with a dose of fun? Miami's South Beach deserves a spot in your passport if you’re looking at beaches in the United States. This vacation destination is known for its stunning oceanside views of white sands and beautiful Art Deco buildings. After a day at the beach, chill out at one of the many luxury hotels in the area — lounge around in your fave Y2K sunnies for those spring break vibes. 

El Matador Beach — Malibu, California

El Matador Beach is a natural wonder with its craggy rock formations and sea caves. This low-key gem in Malibu is just right for relaxing walks and sunbathing sessions. Bring comfy shoes for the small trek down the beach, and grab your sunnies to enjoy those gorgeous sunset views.

A view of Bondi Beach in Australia with a group of people swimming in the Bondi Icebergs pool


Bondi Beach — NSW, Australia

We’ve got to shout out to Bondi Beach to honor our Aussie roots. You may have seen this stunning destination if you've scrolled through beach pics on the 'gram. It’s home to the most photographed swimming pool in the world: the Bondi Icebergs pool. Located at the southern end of the beach, the ocean pool is open for everyone to enjoy. 

Glass Beach — Fort Bragg, California

If you love vibrant festi hues, you’ll love all the colors at this beach. In the earlier part of the 20th century, people would toss rocks into the California coastline. Over time, smoothed glass fragments washed ashore at Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, CA. As a result, a head-turning collage of colors surfaced to form one of the most unique beaches in California

Elafonissi Beach — Crete, Greece

When you step foot on Elafonissi Beach in Crete, you'll be taken by its pink sand, gorgeous wildflowers, and warm waters. The island is separated from the southwest coast of Crete by a sandbar and a lagoon full of loggerhead sea turtles. Sit back and sunbathe, or enjoy the fresh breeze with a windsurfing sesh. 

A female model posing wearing a purple scarf top with QUAY HIGH PROFILE white sunglasses

Isla Blanca Beach — South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is the perfect spot for turning it up with your homies. This warm barrier island on the Gulf Coast of Texas is the go-to spot for lush views and great food. It’s also known for its nightlife scene, but you can also enjoy more low-key activities such as sunbathing, fishing, and jet skiing to raise your vibe

Isla Verde Beach — Carolina, San Juan

Make it a good time with the warm golden sands at Isla Verde Beach, a relaxing resort strip right next to a busy metro area. It’s called the “Green Island” for a reason — soak in the tropical vibes with sprawling views of palm trees. Make the most of the day with banana boat riding and jet skiing, then treat yoself to seafront dining and a vibrant nightlife.

Wherever you’re taking a seaside vacay at the world’s most famous beach or enjoying local oceanside views, chase sunsets with QUAY polarized sunglasses.

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