QUAY Essential Eyeglasses Accessory Guide

QUAY Essential Eyeglasses Accessory Guide

QUAY Essential Eyeglasses Accessory Guide

Shades and eyeglasses might be accessories for your overall ‘fit, but you can still have accessories for your accessories. Some eyeglasses accessories are straightforward — there are cases and cleaning kits to keep your specs on point. But you can also have chains and charms to level up your style. Here are the QUAY details when it comes to accessories for maintaining and glamming your eyeglasses. 

Keep Your Glasses Clean and Protected

Your specs are luxe, so it’s paramount to keep them that way with the right protective measures. The great news is that you’ve got plenty of options to keep them protected with stylish and high-quality gear, no matter if you’re hitting up the coolest beach in the world or the next music festival.  


All QUAY sunnies and glasses come with a soft cloth and storage case, but you've still got options to up your eyeglasses accessories game. Get a color or pattern for your specific vibe from case choices in animal prints, gradients, metallics, florals, and much more. Your options include tri-fold, two-piece, and four-piece cases to display + put away your fave specs. A tri-fold case is the classic go-to for one pair, but a two-piece will hold up to two pairs and a four-piece will carry up to four. They all feature a hard outer shell with a luxe velvet lining to keep your specs in pristine condition. 

QUAY lens care kit includes; a precision screwdriver, microfiber cloth, and lens cleaning spray

Cleaning + Repairing Accessories 

Sometimes, your best option for repairing your eyewear is to visit an optician. But often, you can make adjustments or clean up your sunnies or glasses right at home. For a quick fix, keep a Tri-Fold Cleaning Kit on hand. This set includes a mini screwdriver with both flat and Philips heads, microfiber cloth, and lens cleaning spray in a luxe hardshell case to keep your specs flawless. You can also tone down the fog with a quick spritz of our Anti Fog Spray.

Add Stylish Accessories

With stylish deets, QUAY glasses, and shades are statement-makers all on their own. But you can always amp up the head-turning factor with chains and jewelry. Not only are glasses accessories fashionably versatile, but they also look great with all face sizes.


When it comes to fashionable accessories for your specs, you can’t go wrong with chains. In addition to keeping your shades in place, they add flair to your look. Take your pick from box links, rhinestones, discs, and more to keep your sunnies + blue light glasses safe — they come with detachable grips + clasps that make them easy to use. Plus, chains can double as necklaces, wrapped bracelets, and mask holders when you’re not using them for your shades or glasses. 


Infuse your OOTD with some drip to keep it extra — take your pick from charms, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  Don’t forget that you can add charms to accessorize your chains + huggies, too. 

Maximize your style game by accessorizing your accessories. To keep your sunglasses + blue light glasses in gorgeous condition, check out QUAY’s Accessories Collection. Remember that you can slay looks while paying with Afterpay in four equal installments. 

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