Build Your 80's Retro Eyewear Style


Build Your 80's Retro Eyewear Style

The 80’s was all about bold choices, but it wasn’t just neon leggings and big hair. This iconic decade also served us with the freshest sunnies looks. There’s nothing like a wild 80’s glasses moment, whether it’s luxe gold frames or a pop of color. To help you get those vintage vibes, we compiled the best throwback styles that this era has to offer—featuring Quay’s modern takes.

Gold Frames

Retro style from the 80’s is extra in the best way. Nothing says a luxurious throwback like gold frames that make you look a little bougie. Channel the 80’s with Quay’s Luxe Collection, which features premium frames with gold details and polarized lenses. Whether you’re brunching with the squad or enjoying the waves on vacay, luxe sunnies will upgrade your look. The gold deets will amp your vibe, and the polarized sunnies will help you enjoy all the bright times. 

For a gold detail accents, pick up retro wraparound sunglasses such as ON SET. With its teardrop shape and thin metal frames ON SET will give you coverage with in an 80's style. 

Square Shapes

Don't write off a classic square. Oversized blazers + square sunnies are one of those baddie looks from the 80’s. Throughout this decade, movie stars flexed square plastic frames that would prove to be timeless. This versatile style will match with all your fits, whether you’re going on a coffee run or hanging out with the homies. 

Our go-to square is BACKSTAGE PASS, which offers long-lasting vintage style. It features durable metal frames. Get it in sleek black or navy — either way, you’ll have polarized lenses to tone down glare when it’s bright AF. (Or, if you’re looking for specs appeal while scrolling and swiping, pop on the prescription version) Want something sized up? For oversized flair, you can’t go wrong with AFTER HOURS, which features a winged square shape.  

Colorful Deets

There’s no denying it: the 80’s were colorful. Past or present, a pop of color makes a loud statement. Check out our Colorful Frames for that bold lens color that will turn heads. Strut your stuff with our colorful faded lenses.

If colorful frames are more your speed, get in on the 80’s neon hype. Bring a dose of style to the party with a neon yellow or neon pink retro-inspired square style. If you’re going for bold, these fan-faves always werk. 

Throw it back with retro frames for the ultimate 80’s vibe, no matter if you’re in the mood for gold frames, square shapes, or colorful deets. Shop Quay’s collection for modern takes on retro eyewear (including Rx sunnies) to level up your OOTD.

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