QUAY Guide to Perfect Fitting and Comfortable Glasses


QUAY Guide to Perfect Fitting and Comfortable Glasses

Whether wearing specs at work or on a holiday vacay, comfort matters. They need to look and feel great. After all, there’s nothing cute about glasses falling off your face or pinching your nose. If you’re on the hunt for glasses that fit like a glove, consider this your guide. 

How Should Glasses Fit?

You’ll know comfort when you feel it. Here’s the TLDR for serving main character energy in your perfect fit. 

  • Match frame width to your face width. Ideally, glasses shouldn’t slide off your face—but they also shouldn’t squeeze your nose, ears or cheekbones. Try to find ones as close to the width of your face as possible.    

  • Complement your facial features. Show off your fabulous self by making sure the frame silhouette highlights your primary facial characteristics. 

  • Keep everything aligned. The lenses should always be centered over your eyes and sit on the bridge of your nose.

  • Aim for clarity. Ensure maximum clarity and eye comfort, make sure you have the right prescription by keeping it up to date. Considering  filtering out blue light, or reducing glare

Let’s dive deeper into the nitty gritty.


As much as we love an oversized moment, oversized frames may not be for everyone. That’s why we offer standard, mini and micro frames in addition to oversized ones. These scaled-down versions of our cult faves ensure everyone can find the frames they love in the size they prefer. 

Face Shape

Face shapes usually fall into one of five categories. Here’s a quick list of each shape, their defining characteristics and the frame styles people who identify with each shape tend to gravitate toward.

QUAY infographic with sunglasses recommendations for people with round, square, oval, heart, and triangle face shapes

Nose Bridge

Where should glasses sit on your nose? Right on top of your nose bridge, which begins at the dip between your eyes, down to the point of your nose. Generally speaking, if the start of your nose bridge is below your pupils, you likely have a low nose bridge. Alternatively, if it starts above your pupils, you probably have a high nose bridge. To find the best pair of frames for your nose bridge, a good rule of thumb is the higher your nose bridge, the higher the glasses bridge should be. If you think you have a low nose bridge in particular, frames with adjustable nose pads, curved temples and a near your brow line may be a good place to start when shopping. 

Special Lenses

When it comes to comfort, lenses are just as important as their frame. To minimize glare on bright days, snagging a pair of shades with polarized lenses for your outdoor adventures can work wonders.

If you’re like us and spend a decent amount of time looking at screens every day, blue light glasses may be worth exploring. The blue light emitted by many screens may contribute to tired eyes and sleeplessness for some, so wearing glasses with blue-light filtering lenses may help you scroll, swipe and Zoom comfortably (and, if you’re wearing our blue light glasses, in style). Last but certainly not least, wearing up-to-date prescription glasses prescribed to you by your doctor may help clarify your vision and keep your eyes comfortable.

Best Comfortable Frames

Where can you get frames that feel as effortless as your Love Island binge? QUAY’s collection includes a wide range of specs that’ll turn heads your way—and keep you comfortable.


In addition to snag-free, built-in nose pads, WIRED STANDARD REMIXED Rx also comes in prescription glasses and sunglasses so you can keep your vision in the clear and look oh-so-fly while you’re at it. Rx sunnies and Rx glasses both feature high-index lenses that are anti-reflection, scratch-resistant and offer UV protection. However, the Rx glasses lenses also feature smudge resistance and blue light-filtering technology.  

Multiple Sizes: HIGH KEY

We’re not supposed to pick favorites, but we have a few and one of them is HIGH KEY. Much like the original movie, this Top Gun-type aviator has stood the test of time for good reason. Featuring flat lenses and a lightweight, metal frame with our subtle, signature triangular notches, High Key radiates sleek retro vibes that’ll take any outfit from cockpit to catwalk. Available in oversized, mini, or micro, this bestseller comes in multiple sizes with adjustable nose pads so anyone can find their perfect fit. Because we’re all about going the extra mile, some High Key styles are also available in prescription, blue light-filtering and polarized lenses so you can meet your specific comfort needs in style.

Secure Hinges: HARDWIRE

Make every angle your best angle in HARDWIRE. This classic square frame features triple-barrel hinge temples and durable injection frames for a universally flattering and secure fit. 

Versatile Shape: COME THRU

COME THRU is the unexpected bestie of frame styles. Featuring a cat eye silhouette and lightweight, invisible injection frames, this sleek style adds the perfect touch of flare to any face shape. 

Comfy Nose Pads: EVASIVE

EVASIVE is retro style done right. Characterized by its soft, square shape, luxe metal accents and comfortable nose pads, this modern classic makes it easy to look—and feel—effortlessly cool.  

Reinforced Arms: DOLLAR SIGNS

Look like money DOLLAR SIGNS. These sturdy, acetate shades feature wide, reinforced arms for a solid fit along with subtle, metal accents and cut-out details for fine-tuned style. 

For a flawless fit, level-up your shade game with the most comfortable glasses from QUAY. Choose Afterpay so you can buy what you want today and pay in four equal installments.

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