Hit the Slopes With a Stylish Pair of Ski Sunglasses

Hit the Slopes With a Stylish Pair of Ski Sunglasses

Hit the Slopes With a Stylish Pair of Ski Sunglasses

When hitting the slopes, don’t forget your ski sunglasses as you head to your winter wonderland. Sunglasses are must haves all year round — and you’ll especially want them when you’re in the snow. If you’re wondering exactly why shades are a must in the snow, we’ll give you the full breakdown, plus some recs for QUAY ski and snowboarding sunglasses

Why Wear Sunglasses in the Snow

Besides making your après-ski shots look effortlessly cool, sunglasses can serve a greater purpose. While sunglasses are commonly associated with warm-weather fun, they’re also go to's during snowy winters. Even when the weather is gray, UV rays can penetrate clouds, and fresh snow can reflect nearly 80 percent of the sun’s UV light. Additionally, photokeratitis, or snow blindness, is a common eye issue among skiers and snowboarders that's caused by bright UV exposure. At 10,000 feet of elevation, you’re exposed to 50 percent more UV exposure than at sea level. As such, it’s QUAY to practice safe specs on the slopes by wearing sunnies — and, obviously, shades can help you achieve good ski style

Are Polarized Sunglasses Good for Snow?

So, what type of sunglasses should you wear while hanging out on the slopes? Polarized sunglasses are perfect for winter sports. Besides offering UV protection, polarized sunglasses reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as snow, water, and glass. They use filters that eliminate glare, help with accurate color perception, and improve visual comfort. 

A model in a white ski outfit with QUAY THE DL sunglasses and a model in a blue ski outfit with QUAY TOTAL VIBE sunnies

Our Favorite Sunglasses for Skiing 

If you’re wondering how to look cute while skiing, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re into an off-duty model or Top Gun-inspired look, discover shades from QUAY’s collection for your active winter adventures. Here are the best sunglasses for skiing:


Play in the snow until NIGHTFALL. These sized-up polarized shields deliver instant cool vibes and pair beautifully with your puffer and snow pants for a sporty chic look. 


Go ALL IN when it comes to picking out your snow sunglasses. These retro-inspired, polarized aviators feature a combo injection + reinforced metal frame for durability and a head-turning look. 


You’re ALMOST READY — as long as you’ve got these sized-up polarized square sunnies. These are the definition of luxe with their gold lens logo, cut-out deets, and extra durable combo acetate + metal frame. 

Whatever you do on your snowy adventures, flex an effortlessly cool pair of sunnies that protect your eyes while elevating your look. Shop QUAY’s winter collection to complete your ski trip packing list.

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