What Color Glasses Should I Get for My Eye Color


What Color Glasses Should I Get for My Eye Color

Besides helping you keep your vision in the clear, glasses can amp up your specs appeal. Other than looking for the perfect fit and silhouette for your face, consider how your specs match your eye color. The right pair of glasses (whether they're prescription, blue light, or readers) can easily showcase your eye color, whether you're emphasizing those baby blues or drawing out those deep browns.

If you’re wondering, “What color glasses should I get?,” we’ve got the answers. We've compiled a guide on the best frame colors for different eyes, adding in a few of our QUAY faves to help you shop your options. Remember that the rules aren't in stone, so don't forget to have fun trying out different colors. Load up our Virtual Try-On Tool to see how a particular frame looks on your face.

Brown Eyes

Brown is the most common eye color, but that doesn’t mean that you have to default to boring frames. So what color brings out brown eyes? You can make brown eyes pop with plum and burgundy frames for a sleek, model off-duty look. Warm tones such as browns, torts, and khakis also complement earthy brown eyes.

Best Frames for Brown Eyes

  • WIRED: Get your look WIRED with a classic square in a versatile spice red color that will turn heads your way.

Blue Eyes

If you've got baby blues, frames in black and brown will give your eyes a pretty pop. For a soft but intriguing look, go for a light pink or coral accent. If you’re into blue frames for a fun matchy-matchy vibe, try a dark midnight or green-leaning turquoise to provide contrast with your eyes.

Best Frames for Blue Eyes

  • CHEMISTRY: CHEMISTRY in a large blush pink injection cat eye frame to contrast your ocean blue eyes — this can be an easy everyday pick, but it especially levels up your look during those special occasions.
  • HARDWIRE: HARDWIRE your daily ‘fit with premium specs appeal when you pair your blue eyes with classic black square glasses.

Green Eyes

If you’ve got green eyes, you can play up the greenery with neutrals such as earthy browns and torts. For bolder colors, try hues opposite of green on the color wheel — think picks such as burgundies and plums.

Best Frames for Green Eyes

  • ALGORITHM: Make them ALGORITHM of your beautiful green eyes with chic round specs in a milky tortoise color. These specs also feature a comfy keyhole bridge and snag-free, built-in nose pads for the perfect fit.
  • CALL THE SHOTS: Those with green eyes can CALL THE SHOTS with a spicy red color in a flirty cat eye silhouette.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes aren’t just one color — they're a combination of colors, typically gold, brown, and green. Easy go-tos for hazel eyes include metallics, dusty pinks, tans, and grays, which bring out their multi-color vibe. If you're wondering how to make hazel eyes look greener, opt for an olive frame to bring out those greens. On the other hand, browns and golds can draw out the gorgeous gold flecks in hazel eyes. If you want to try out all the looks possible for your hazel eyes, stay tuned for QUAY’s BOGO sales to get a selection of your faves. Get the inside scoop ahead of these limited time sales by signing up for email and text alerts at the bottom of our site!

Best Frames for Hazel Eyes

  • SEND IT: If you're looking for the right move with hazel eyes, go SEND IT with a gold metal frame that brings out golden flecks in your eyes while keeping you comfy with adjustable nose pads.
  • WIRED BEVEL: Make it a WIRED BEVEL by bringing out those greens with oversized square green glasses.

Grey Eyes

With gray eyes, bright, bold colors may draw more attention to your glasses than your eyes, so a light hue may be the way to go. For soft, subtle grays, try matching your eye color with more understated frames — think metallics, baby pinks, and milky tones.

Best Frames for Gray Eyes

  • HIGH KEY: To keep your style HIGH KEY, contrast your soft gray eyes with a classic metallic aviator frame to flex an effortless beach vibe.
  • CEO: Channel your inner CEO with a blush pink premium injection frame that highlights your gray eyes. To give you those boss vibes, this cat-shaped square features reinforced arms for extra durability and built-in nose pads for comfort.

Glasses don’t have to cover up your eyes — with the right pair, you can flex a gorgeous style effortlessly while emphasizing your beautiful eye color. To find glasses that make your eyes pop, shop QUAY Rx.

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