5 Ways to Celebrate Hug an Australian Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Hug an Australian Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Hug an Australian Day

Inspired by the Australian music festival circuit, QUAY has a love for the Aussies. For Hug an Australian Day, we’ve got fun activities stacked up to celebrate our Aussie besties — while wearing our fave QUAY AUSTRALIA sunnies, of course. Let’s break down all the ways to elevate the good vibes on this eye-conic holiday. 

What Is Hug an Australian Day?

It’s in the name: Hug an Australian Day is all about giving Aussies a big hug. Falling on April 26 every year, it was founded by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays. Other than the hugging aspect, the holiday celebrates generosity towards the Aussies, no matter if they’re residing right in Melbourne or living abroad. 

Fun Ways to Celebrate Hug an Australian Day 

There are plenty of ways to turn up the festivities on Hug an Australian Day other than showing your fave Aussie affection. Here are the top ways to do so, plane ticket optional. 

An array of Australian meat pie in a wooden tray

Bake an Aussie Meat Pie

Celebrate Hug an Australian Day with an Aussie tradition: baking an Australian pie. An OG comfort food, this snack makes for a delicious quick lunch or tasty post-party grub. It’s held together with a buttery puff pastry, filled with delicious meat and gravy, and often topped with ketchup. Here’s a recipe that you can try for yourself—and eat with the Aussies in your life! 

Show Off Your Knowledge of Aussie Slang

Aussie lingo goes well beyond “g’day, mate” and “crikey.” Flex your Australian vocab and impress your friends from Down Under the next time you’re at a barbie (that’s a barbecue, BTW). Some phrases are no-brainers, like “good on ya” which translates to a congratulatory “good on you.” Then, there’s more niche Australian slang, like “she’ll be right” (“everything will be alright”) and “ripper” (“really great”). One of our personal faves is, of course, “sunnies,” AKA “sunglasses.”  

Learn About Australian Wildlife

Australia is home to many creatures that can’t be found anywhere else. With its kangaroos, wallabies, and other critters, it’s a country that takes wildlife seriously. After pampering your fave human Aussies, remember the animals as well. Learn all about Australian wildlife and contribute to your fave wildlife conservation fund.

Share a Pair of QUAY Sunnies

Kind gestures are QUAY on Hug an Australian Day. On this day, take the opportunity to share a pair of effortless QUAY sunnies. No matter if they’re headed to a music festival or reef trip, your Aussie mate will appreciate sunnies for their next summer holiday vacay

Enjoy Australian Pop Culture 

Australia has given pop culture iconic moments, so why not spend Hug an Australian Day embracing its many talents? When it comes to music, turn up Aussie pop queen Kylie Minogue or rock out loud to AC/DC. Looking for onscreen entertainment? Binge Steve Irwin’s wildlife docs, or check out flicks featuring Aussie icons such as Heath Ledger.

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