How to Build Your Y2K Eyewear Style

How to Build Your Y2K Eyewear Style

How to Build Your Y2K Eyewear Style

The early aughts hype was all about flared jeans, crop tops, and sweatsuits — with a side of sparkle and shine, of course. We also can’t talk about the 2000s without mentioning the sunglasses scene, which played up everything from colorful lenses to luxe deets. If you want to throw it back while keeping it fresh, we'll give you the lowdown on how to live it up in Y2K fashion with your fave Quay sunnies.

Colorful Sunglasses

Who said that only the ‘80s were about colorful styles? Candy-colored lenses and frames are quintessentially Y2K — pair them with low-rise jeans and chunky platforms to see for yourself. Find a frame fit that you vibe with, then pick it up in your fave color to turn heads your way.


Check out our feminine circular frame that dominated New York Fashion Week. Colorful and trendy,  FELT CUTE matches your Y2K drip perfectly.


Keep your look CONTOURED with a sleek pair of retro sunglasses. This effortless cat eye, also a go-to silhouette in the ‘60s, features a flattering angled frame that’ll have you feline fine. It’s a statement piece on its own, but you can also keep it extra with an on-trend hot pink frame. To punch up the flirty pink aesthetic, add drip and lip gloss to your look.


Stay ON THE EDGE of Y2K style. Amp up the color with retro sunglasses in a sporty shield silhouette that'll balance out those popped collars and monogrammed tracksuits. With this style, turn heads your way with a multicolored mirrored lens to give your look an extra pop.

Rectangle Frames

The sleek rectangle frame is an early-aughts trend that's here to stay, just like the classic square fit. Simple as its shape is, the deets and colors on these popular sunglasses turn them into statement-makers, even when paired with the simplest Y2K looks. 


TTYL, we're leveling up in Y2K style. Turn up the color with retro glasses frames in a reliable square silhouette that'll balance out those popped collars and monogrammed tracksuits. Whether you flex your sunnies in pink or brown, the gold frames will give you that subtle bougie touch.  


Get yourself an oversized rectangular pair that’s a TOTAL VIBE. Crafted with reinforced arms and a built-in nose bridge, these premium injection frames will level up your specs appeal. Plus, you can take them anywhere: These fun Y2K sunglasses are versatile for both vacay OOTDs as well as your 9 to 5 fits. 


Keep it a little bougie with TOP SHELF Y2K glasses. These tried-and-true specs are simple yet fabulous with their subtle brow bar and smoke lenses. Style up your look with a mesh top and low-rise jeans for a blast to the past. 

Pure Luxe Styles

Y2K was all about being a little extra and owning it. Channel the luxury with high-end Quays with luxe details. Enjoy premium frames with gold deets to keep up the hype and polarized lenses for all the bright times. 


We’re ALMOST READY — we just want to stay on top of our aughts style game with a strong square and a durable combo injection + metal frame. This square style pairs perfectly with your fave cami or metallic jacket. It also mixes and matches well with polished blazers and trousers for a seamless old money vibe.  


NAME DROP in a flat top square that’s the epitome of Y2K eyewear chic. A subtle metal detail and gradient lenses give these specs a standout vibe that’ll have all eyes on you. Wear them in a classic brown or cheeky red paprika frame to center your fit — keep it edgy with sequined everything or go laidback with a casual tee and cargo pants. The black specs are even polarized to help you keep glare at bay. 

For a retro sunglasses moment that’ll bring you back to the 2000s, shop Quay’s New Sunglasses Collection for the just-right accessory to pair  with your chunky belts and mini purses.


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