Perfect Sunglasses for the Mob Wife Aesthetic

Perfect Sunglasses for the Mob Wife Aesthetic

Perfect Sunglasses for the Mob Wife Aesthetic

Inspired by looks from classics such as The Sopranos and Goodfellas, the trending mob wife aesthetic is all about the drama. In contrast with the low-key model off-duty look, this over-the-top style keeps everything bigger, badder, and bolder. Unsurprisingly, statement sunglasses, such as cat eyes and gold-detailed shades, are a major part of it.

Looking for sartorial inspiration for the mob wife aesthetic? We’ll break down the inner workings of this extravagant style and show you how to flex it with QUAY sunglasses. 

What Is the Mob Wife Aesthetic?

The mob wife aesthetic is all about luxury. On the beauty front, you’ll notice classic red lips, big hair, and immaculately manicured nails. Mob wife fashion can vary greatly, but animal prints and all-black outfits are its signature styles. There’s also no shortage of dramatic silhouettes — think structured blazers, snug dresses, and big fur coats. 

There’s always room for flashy accessories in a mob wife wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with statement pieces such as chunky earrings, diamond necklaces, gold chains, and stiletto heels. And, as experts in all things shady, we love a pair of sunglasses for flaunting a mob wife style

The Best Mob Wife Sunglasses

When it comes to picking out eyewear to go with the mob wife look, bolder is always better. Complete your mob wife outfit with these chic sunglass styles.

Extra Sharp Cat Eyes: BAD HABIT

If you love the mafia aesthetic, turning heads your way is anything but a BAD HABIT. This sleek cat eye will give you a distinctly bold vibe with its narrow temple and thin rim. The extra sharp angle also goes perfectly with a tailored blazer and sky-high heels for a powerhouse look. 

Gold Details: NOTORIOUS

The mob wife is NOTORIOUS for loving luxury, and what’s more luxe than a pair of sunglasses with gold details? The metal hardware on this striking square makes all the difference. Although it’s great for the subtler old money trend, it’s also perfect for pairing with gold hoops for an all-out mob wife look.

Classic Black: NO APOLOGIES

Wear a tried-and-true shade with NO APOLOGIES. With over-the-top coats and eye-catching animal prints, sometimes  classic black sunglasses work best for the mob wife look. But classic doesn’t mean boring — these square frames will add an edge to your look with their angular silhouette and grommet detailing. 

To really tap into the mob wife vibe, remember to keep your attitude as brazen as your sunglasses. For more statement eyewear picks, browse QUAY’s Women’s Sunglasses Collection

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