The Perfect Shades for Your Preppy Old Money Look

The Perfect Shades for Your Preppy Old Money Look

The Perfect Shades for Your Preppy Old Money Look

From polished polos to tried-and-true tennis skirts, the old money aesthetic is officially in. Along with your tailored fits, don’t forget a pair of preppy sunglasses to flex your luxe look — how else could you show up to the clubhouse or relax on the yacht? Stealth wealth chic is an art form, and we’re here to show you how to pinpoint the just-right sunglass styles to complete your sophisticated look.

Vacation-Ready Retro Cat Eyes: CALL THE SHOTS

When you’re old money, you CALL THE SHOTS. These fierce, sharp-edged cat eyes lend your style an effortlessly retro chic look, especially when you pick up white frames with dark lenses. With their boxy cat eye shape, they’re one of 2023’s trending sunglasses but still have timeless specs appeal. Their classic vibe pairs perfectly with old money linen dresses you’d wear on those luxurious coastal vacations.  

Off-Duty Oversized Sunnies: CONFIDENTIAL

The key to quiet luxury? That’s strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Angled, oversized sunglasses are always of the moment for a luxurious look. For a preppy pop, match this modern frame with an oversized blazer and a pair of crisp white pants to exude prestige. It’s a go-to when you want to channel a low-key, off-duty model vibe to walk about town.

Goes-With-Everything Squares: TTYL

We’ve got plans in our old money fits, so we’ll TTYL. These versatile square specs are extra luxe with their sleek metal frames, which you can pick up in gold for that high-end touch of je ne sais quoi. Wear them with your favorite sports jacket for a versatile look that transitions seamlessly from big client meetings to drinks at a private club. 


Classic Circle Shades: JEZABELL

Here’s the formula for a flawless quiet luxury look: A crisp dress shirt, wide-leg linen pants, and JEZABELL. These oversized round sunglasses add a touch of vintage glamor and complement the natural curves on your face. Whether you’re taking that collectible car out for a spin or heading out for horseback riding, it’s a failsafe accessory for all the bright times ahead. 

All-Black Sunnies: EVER AFTER 

It’s giving luxury EVER AFTER. Nothing says quietly luxurious like an all-black look, which, of course, requires an all-black shade. Pair your oversized black sunnies with a chic mock neck for all those times at the clubhouse. For a statement accessory, consider a hoop or chunky earring. 

Old money style calls for new shades: For those sun-soaked, stealth wealth adventures, pick up a timeless pair from QUAY’s sunglasses collection.

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