Giving is Sliving


Giving is Sliving

For International Women’s Day, we have partnered with Paris Hilton and Project Glimmer on a Giving is Sliving program to further our combined philanthropy efforts to empower young women and support them in pursuing their dreams.

On Partnering with Paris Hilton, our CEO Jodi Bricker says, “Paris Hilton has been an icon in the fashion, business, entertainment, and philanthropic space for decades on end. Her ability to constantly evolve, start new trends, innovate in multiple industries, and now lead in the digital space, all while being an empowered female who empowers others, is exactly why she is the perfect collaborator for Quay.”

Regarding the Giving is Sliving philanthropy program, Paris Hilton shares, “Collaborating with a brand that is both lead by women, and has such a strong emphasis on empowering women, all while being able to give back with them to a charity like Project Glimmer is exactly what I aim to do. Our missions are aligned, and I couldn’t be prouder of our partnership.” 


Project Glimmer's mission is to inspire every girl to envision and realize an empowered future. They are a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping end gender and racial inequality by instilling confidence and providing career support to over 800,000 girls from foster care and youth service programs. 


Quay will host a virtual Empower Hour for the girls at Project Glimmer, designed to inspire them to achieve success in school, work and life, and open ideas to new career paths. Our in-house designers Adesha Yee and Collen Wasilewski will share the steps they took to design the Quay X Paris collection and talk to the girls about their own careers and advice for achieving success. During the discussion, a video message from Paris Hilton will be played.

Following Empower Hour, Quay employees can sign-up as a Career Coach and virtually meet one-on-one with an attendee for 45-minutes.  


We have also donated $25,000 to Project Glimmer along with $100,000 worth of product.  We will also have a donation round-up option sitewide for the month of March that will go to Project Glimmer.


IG: @projectglimmer 

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