7 Quay Things to Look for When Buying New Sunnies

7 Quay Things to Look for When Buying New Sunnies

7 Quay Things to Look for When Buying New Sunnies

Confidence is Quay when it comes to flaunting a new pair of sunnies. We’re all about keeping it shady, but before you can, you’ll need the shades. Have you ever wondered, “What should I look for in sunglasses?” You’re not alone. Here’s a quick guide on seven things to consider when buying new sunglasses online.

1. Frame Shape

If you’re looking for a chic pair of sunnies, shape your wardrobe with the perfect frames. There are five basic frame shapes: round, aviator, shield, square and cat eye sunglasses. Each type has its own vibe: go retro in rounds, look fly in aviators, block out the haters in shields, stay classic in squares or look purrfectly timeless in cat eyes. It’s also helpful to shop according to your face shape so you find specs that offer the perfect fit; more on that next. 

2. Fit

Get a fit that’s just right. Here, we’re talking about the actual measurements of the shades, particularly frame size. Most frames come in small, medium and large, so ask yourself if you like glasses sleek and small or oversized to make a statement. If your face is on the petite side, small and medium frames create balanced looks. Some of Quay’s oversized, OG bestsellers, like HIGH KEY, also come scaled-down in mini sizes for smaller face shapes to ensure the perfect fit. 

Don’t forget where your nose bridge sits, either. Some frames are specifically designed with features, such as silicone nose pads, for those with lower nose bridges

A female model in a brown top wearing QUAY AFTER HOURS sunnies posing in front of a blue backdrop

3. Polarized vs. Unpolarized

What are polarized sunglasses and what’s the hype around them? Here’s the deal: polarized sunglasses have special filters that help minimize glare, whether sunbathing by the ocean or running everyday errands outside. They can also help with color perception and increase contrast.

If we’re keeping it 100, not every occasion calls for polarized sunnies. Polarized lenses can cause LCD screens to appear distorted, so they’re not the best pick for scrolling through your feed or surfing the web. They may also warp views for drivers navigating in low-light conditions.

4. UV Ray Protection

What are UV rays? Quay uses a category system, which ranges from 0 to 4. All Quay eyewear products (Category 0 to 4) offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Many Quay sunglasses are a Category 2 or 3. Suitable for an average amount of sunshine (such as during your music festival adventures),  Quay does not offer Category 4 lenses as they’re quite dark and can be unsuitable for driving. They should only be used for very bright conditions during activities such as high-altitude trekking and mountaineering.

A male model wearing one QUAY ON THE FLY sunnies while holding a second pair and posing in front of a blue backdrop

5. Lens Colors + Finishes

Classic black lenses are always in but that shouldn’t stop you from playing with all the colors of the rainbow to raise your vibe. While we love a go-to neutral, we’re also big fans of color; just take a look at all the pops of color from our Love Island collection. Grab colorful lenses that are as bright and bold as you, such as pinks, greens and blues. Love a statement finish? Mirrored shield sunglasses leave you with a highly reflective look that’s sleek and chic. For a faded look, pick a pair of fresh fades in trending sunset-inspired lenses or our best selling smoky lenses.

6. Details

If you want to be sliving it up in sunnies, it’s all in the deets. Keep your eyes on the little things, such as blinged-out, edges or metal-accent nose bridges for a luxe touch. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple, but you also won’t regret details that add a little extra to your OOTD. 

7. Quality

A quality pair of sunglasses will keep you covered for a long time. At Quay, our sunnies have a premium feel, design and durability for prices that won’t break the bank. If you do want to give your sunnies extra TLC, you can invest in eyewear maintenance tools, such as cases and repair kits. 

Now that you know what to look for in good sunglasses, stay shady and browse our collection of sleek sunnies in mega-babe styles. Trendy sunglasses help express your selfie for whatever mood you’re in. Find your perfect fit with our Virtual Try-On Tool.

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