Your Guide to QUAY’s 2024 Sunglasses Trend Forecast

Your Guide to QUAY’s 2024 Sunglasses Trend Forecast

Your Guide to QUAY’s 2024 Sunglasses Trend Forecast

It’s time to put on your sunglasses and tune into the trend forecast for 2024. To keep you in the know about fashion-forward eyewear picks this year, we’ve rounded up the best of 2024 sunglass trends. Read ahead to discover the sleekest shade styles of the moment and tips on how to wear them.

Bright Festival Colors 

Coming in hot this year are bright festival colors. Launched from Australia’s festival circuit, QUAY knows a thing or two about the top eyewear picks to complete your Coachella ‘fit. Nothing looks better with fringed boots and cropped knits than a pair of colorful sunglasses — you also get the added benefit of shade from the glaring sun. To amp up your look with personality, reach for statement makers like flashy mirrored lenses and bold frame colors. 

Get in the groove even during the AFTER HOURS with dramatic pink winged squares. Add a cropped halter and raw hem shorts for a quintessential festival look. 

Narrow Frames

The super-small ‘90s shades are here to stay. We love a glamorous oversized frame, but scaled-down sunglasses can also be fabulous — just ask the It Girls flexing these trending sunglasses. Chic and playful, they can be the just-right size for your look.

Give yourself a VIBE CHECK with fashion-forward narrow frames. These rectangular shades help you channel casual street style effortlessly with their fun-size silhouette. While they work well with bold looks, they can elevate the simplest styles, whether you pair them with a basic tank or sleek turtleneck.

Preppy, Tried-and-True Silhouettes

When it comes to fashion trends for 2024, keep the preppy aesthetic on your radar. Polish up for a classically immaculate style — this year will be all about the luxe little details, courtesy of the old money trend. To match your tennis sweaters and crisp dress shirts, go for classic eyewear silhouettes, such as retro rounds and timeless aviators.  

Have your old money yacht club look ready with BIG TIME TEXTURE. Wow the onlookers with luxurious gold frames that feature elevated metal etching details. These go perfectly with polo shirts and classic slacks for a preppy vibe.

Maximalist Styling

If you love to keep it extra, 2024 is your time to shine. The “more is more” ethos is officially in, so you can expect to see maximalist styles dominating the fashion scene. To step up your eyewear game, embrace eye-catching details like combination frames, bejeweled embellishments, and brow bars. 

Go big and bold with NIGHTFALL BLING to block out the haters with a maximalist shield frame. For an extra pop, this pair of sunglasses features black diamond rhinestones. Dial up the maximalism vibes with extra drip and splashy prints to turn heads. 

Gothic Vibes 

To embrace the grungy goth aesthetic, throw on a classic pair of black sunglasses to match your shiny black mani and vampy lipstick. Don’t be afraid to be playful with the silhouettes since rounds and cat eyes can add a touch of unique quirk. 

For a look that’s goth inspired and CONFIDENTIAL, pop on oversized black cat eyes. These sleek sunglasses emphasize cheekbones and brows for a mysterious vibe.


If you’re looking for fun and cheeky 2024 fashion trends, look no further. Along with jelly sandals and lip glosses, it’s time to whip out jelly sunglasses. Perfect for channeling Y2K style, jelly sunglasses feature candy-colored lenses and translucent frames for a youthful look. 

If you FELT CUTE, let ‘em know with flirty green jelly shades. These round sunglasses pair perfectly with colorful, statement-making fits, like your favorite woven green dress for a fun night out. 

The top fashion trends of 2024 offer an array of styles to choose from, no matter your mood or taste. Shop QUAY’s New Arrivals to express yourself with the latest eyewear looks. 


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