Your Guide to High Bridge Fit Sunglasses

Your Guide to High Bridge Fit Sunglasses

Your Guide to High Bridge Fit Sunglasses

When you shop for frames, you want a fit that’s just right, and a comfortable fit starts with understanding where your nose bridge is. While there are many options for those with low bridges, did you know that you can look for specific details to accommodate high bridge faces, too? 

If you’re wondering how to determine where your bridge is and where to look for high bridge sunglasses, we’ve got the details below.

What Are High Bridge Sunglasses?

What Is a High Nose Bridge? The Difference Between a High Nose Bridge vs. Low Nose Bridge

A high bridge face is one where the upper part of the nose sits higher on the face. The bridge tends to fall above the pupils, and the cheekbones are generally a bit lower. On a low bridge face, the bridge is aligned with the pupils or sits lower than them. 

Features of High Bridge Fit Sunglasses

With a taller nose bridge, frames can sometimes sit too high on your face, so they may feel uncomfortable, cover your eyebrows, or fail to block light from beneath your lenses. High bridge fit sunglasses often come with features such as adjustable nose pads so that you get a just-right fit — basically, you would be able to push the pads outwards for a lower fit. Frames with bridges that sit closer to the browline are also great for those with high bridges. 

How Do I Know If High Bridge Sunglasses Are for Me?

The best way to gauge whether or not high bridge sunglasses suit you is to figure out where your nose bridge sits. If you’re still uncertain about which frames are right for you, you can’t go wrong with sunglasses that have a universal fit, which should accommodate all faces. To experiment with different styles and determine your face shape, you can also use our Virtual Try-On Tool.

Best High Bridge Sunglasses 

If you’re looking for the just-right sunglasses for a higher bridge, here are our top recommendations — all of these come with nose pads or built-in universal nose pads for the perfect fit. 


An oversized, retro-inspired square frame looks fabulous on a high bridge face, BY THE WAY. In this chic, oversized style, the bridge sits close to the browline, and the bridge width runs a little wider for a comfy fit.


Get HYPED UP for a sleek and narrow geometric frame where the bridge sits close to the browline. 


Hit the JACKPOT with a premium injection frame with polarized lenses. The keyhole bridge here is ideal for a comfortable and secure fit on a high bridge face.


Embrace the view from the ROOFTOP with a sleek metal frame. In this style, the bridge sits close to the browline, and you can adjust the nose pads for the just-right fit. 

Find the perfect sunglasses to match with your outfits, no matter if you have a high or low nose bridge. Shop QUAY’s New Arrivals Collection to discover your next go-to frames. 


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