World Sight Day: Eyewear Trade-In Event

World Sight Day: Eyewear Trade-In Event

World Sight Day: Eyewear Trade-In Event

Being aware of your eye health is Quay. This World Sight Day (October 13), Quay will spread the love for eyes by partnering with the nonprofit Lions in Sight, which provides donated glasses to those in need. Don't miss our Eyewear Trade-In Event with Lions in Sight. It’s a win-win: When you trade in your pre-loved pair of specs, you can earn up to $20 off a new pair of Quay glasses while providing someone with the gift of sight. 

Here's the lowdown on everything you need to know about World Sight Day and our partnership with Lions in Sight.

What Is World Sight Day?

Long story short, World Sight Day is an internationally recognized day devoted to raising awareness about eye health. It’s typically held on the second Thursday in October, and in 2022, World Sight Day will fall on October 13. FYI: This year’s theme is #LoveYourEyes. And, without a doubt, regular eye exams and the right prescription specs are Quay for loving your eyes. In addition to the common farsightedness and nearsightedness, many people can experience conditions such as presbyopia and amblyopia, which impact daily activities such as driving. A simple eye exam can help someone get on the path to treatment.

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Partnership with Lions In Sight

What Is Lions in Sight? 

Based in California and Nevada, Lions in Sight is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that collects, cleans, stores, and provides recycled eyeglasses for those who need it locally and globally. They support veteran, homeless, and low-income clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nevada, and other parts of the United States and the world. Volunteer doctors and Lion Club members travel to clinics to provide donated eyewear and eye exams free of cost.

How Will QUAY Partner With Lions in Sight? 

To celebrate World Sight Day with Lions in Sight, Quay will launch a Trade-In Event from October 5-18. Here’s the deal: You can visit a Quay store and trade in a pre-loved pair of sunnies, blue light, readers, or prescription glasses and receive $10 off a pair of sunglasses or blue light glasses, or $20 off a pair of prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses. (Limit 1 per transaction.) All eyewear will be donated to Lions in Sight to help provide someone with the gift of eyesight

Boxes will be available in-store for customers to drop off their pre-loved glasses (cases must be removed and the glasses cannot be damaged or broken). After donating, you can pick out a pair of glasses to receive the discount. Once the collection boxes fill up, we’ll ship them to Lions in Sight. 

If you’ve got glasses that you’re ready to retire, trade them in for a sweet deal and share them with someone who can give them a new life. Simply visit a Quay store and ask a store stylist for more details.

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