Why It Pays to Invest in High-Quality Sunglasses

Why It Pays to Invest in High-Quality Sunglasses

Why It Pays to Invest in High-Quality Sunglasses

Shopping for sunnies can be a challenge, especially when you weigh personal style alongside your budget. The best sunglasses brands often charge more for their frames, so you might wonder, are designer sunglasses worth it? It’s not all hype. It's often the case that with the test of time, you'll be glad to have invested in a high-quality piece.

At QUAY, you can find stylish, designer-quality frames that are reasonably priced, so you don’t need to default to fast-fashion pieces that might not last as long. At the end of the day, it pays to invest in high-quality shades — here's why.

Better Quality Sunglasses

Bargain-brand glasses are tempting, but it's worth thinking twice about picking them up. When you invest in high-quality brands, you can enjoy durable sunglasses that will last you years. The differences are notable on a design level. At QUAY,  details such as built-in nose bridges, acetate frames, and triple-barrel hinge temples make your shades long-lasting and comfortable.

QUAY_JACKPOT_BLACK_SMOKEPOL_DESIRE_2241.tifYou'll Treat Them with More Care

Luxury sunglasses call for luxury treatment. After all, your shades aren't disposable pieces. When you pay more for your specs, how you care for them will likely differ from how you'd treat an easily replaceable pair. While you might toss around inexpensive specs, you’ll be more motivated to store your high-quality sunglasses in a proper case and clean them with care. Once you invest in a pair, it becomes a part of your eyewear capsule wardrobe.


It's all about thoughtful spending. Instead of constantly reordering low-quality sunnies, you can rely on well-made sunglasses that will last years. As a result, you can lessen your carbon footprint by not consuming as much — in the long run, you'll also get better value from your quality sunglasses since you'll spend money on one premium pair instead of multiple budget ones.


It's true — we love a trend. That said, we design our shades at QUAY with timeless specs appeal in mind. While channeling modern influences and including fun deets, we embrace tried-and-true silhouettes such as aviators, rounds, squares, and cat eyes to create versatile frames. Take LEVEL UP, for example. It stands out with a bold metal brow bar but features a classic square shape for enduring appeal.


Along with gorgeous designs, high-quality sunglasses brands often offer many options. This is true with lens colors and frame styles, but there's more to it. You can enjoy a variety of frame sizes and lens types, too — think of those convenient polarized lenses for all the bright times or mirrored ones for your statement looks. Plus, many designer sunglasses brands also feature prescription styles. To help keep your vision in the clear, QUAY prescription sunnies include bonus perks such as anti-reflection, high-index lenses, UV protection, and scratch resistance.  


While you might pay more upfront for designer sunglasses, you'll enjoy their durable quality and tried-and-true styles for a long time. If you're hunting down a lasting eyewear staple, shop QUAY's sunnies collection and check out our latest collaboration, the Danielle Guizio collection.


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