Step by Step Guide to Prescription Glasses

Step by Step Guide to Prescription Glasses

Step by Step Guide to Prescription Glasses

So, you’ve just gotten your prescription from the optometrist. Now, you’re on the lookout for specs that you can wear in style. For a selection that’ll turn heads your way, check out QuayRx frames to serve looks every day. Wondering about the breakdown on how to get prescription glasses that you’ll love? Here’s a thorough guide with all the deets on how to shop stylish prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses from Quay. 

Know Your Face Shape

When you’re picking out the perfect glasses, it helps to know your face shape. There are four main face shapes: round, square, oval, and heart-shaped. Find glasses that balance your look. Angular square frames complement round faces, while round glasses soften square faces. The rules aren’t hard and fast, but they can guide you towards the perfect fit — on our site, shop by face shape to find the right pick for you. To discover your actual face shape, check out our Virtual Try-On Tool

Of course, face shape can refer to the size of your face as well. If you’re feeling like your options have been a little oversized, also check out our picks for smaller faces. In addition to standards and minis, our specs come in styles for low bridges and oversized fits, too. 

Choose Your Style

At Quay, we carry all types of eyeglasses for all the looks you want to serve, even prescription glasses! Effortlessly flaunt a pair with the perfect frame shape. Take your pick from rounds, squares, cat eyes, aviators, shields, pantos, geometrics, and more from our trendy selection. Have a color that you love? Whether you like to keep it neutral in a muted brown or prefer a pink that pops, there are many options to choose from. We don’t skimp on the deets, either. From luxe gold embellishments to two-toned frames, keep it stylish in a pair of QuayRx specs. 

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Why Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Now, it’s easier than ever to werk prescription glasses at Quay. If you’re wondering how to find out what prescription your glasses are, that’s easy: visit your eye care professional to get your eyes checked! Your choices aren’t limited to stores and optician offices, though. Not feeling the specs you see at your optometrist’s office? You’ll find stylish picks online, no matter what shape, color, or fit you’re loving. 

Quay’s prescription glasses feature:

  • Blue light technology

  • Anti-reflective, scratch + smudge-resistant coating

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

  • High-index lenses

All these features are included in each pair of $125 glasses with no extra charges. 

Prescription Information

When you check out with Quay, prepare a copy of your unexpired prescription to upload. As long as you have an unexpired prescription with your pupillary distance, you should be ready to go. We fill single vision prescriptions between +4 and -6 with astigmatism of +/-4. As a refresher, single vision lenses have one prescription through the entire lens to correct a specific field of vision, whether that’s distance, intermediate, or reading. 

How to Find Your Pupillary Distance

To create your specs, one of the eyeglass frame measurements that we need is your pupillary distance (PD). Pupillary distance is essentially the distance from pupil to pupil — this number lets us know where to center your prescription. If your prescription doesn’t have your pupillary distance, you can easily measure it at home with a ruler. Take your ruler and align the zero over the center of one pupil. Then, measure to the center of your other pupil. The number you get should be your pupillary distance in millimeters. You can also use our Virtual Try-On Tool to measure your PD — check it out here

Lens Thickness

Serve specs appeal with lenses that complement your frames. At Quay, we don’t charge extra for high-index lenses, which are thinner, lighter lenses compared to standard polycarbonate ones. High-index lenses use less material so that you have a more comfortable experience + aesthetically pleasing finish — thick lenses are especially noticeable with thinner frames.


A female model in the kitchen listening to music wearing QUAY TAKE IT BACK RX glasses

Blue Light Protection

In some people, blue light, a high energy visible (HEV) light often emitted from digital screens, is associated with disrupted sleep and weary eyes. Because we’re all about practicing safe specs, our prescription lenses come with blue light technology that filters out certain HEV lights.  

Who said specs have to be boring? Shop your next fave go-to glasses from Quay today.

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