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This is why we partnered with Saweetie this past April when we launched our second Education is Quay Scholarship Program. We received thousands of entries, and due to the unprecedented number of essay applications (and incredible videos submitted), we decided to award money to even more winners.

$120,000 USD to help fuel the dreams of 12 scholars because we believe your vision has the power to change the world.

Our 12 winners wrote an essay on how the money would help fuel (and further) their education. Then semi-finalists were asked to create a video on what self-expression means to them. Meet our scholars and see some of what they had to say:


    The ability to express myself has allowed me to cultivate this experience and transform into the confident warrior that I am today.

        HEIDI T.

        I would use this scholarship towards gaining additional knowledge and experience aimed at advancing healthcare accessibility and quality of care through courses at my university as I complete my biochemistry degree.

            VIENNA S.

            self-expression is key to my well-being. It's the way I tell the story of who I am, how I feel and what I believe.

                LILIANA G


                I aspire to earn my Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Neuroscience and earn my Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Psychology before I turn 26. I yearn to investigate how group behavior and human cognition influence public policy.

                    GABRIEL S.

                    Self-expression is like the soul's fingerprint. It is in the way that we speak, the way that we dress, it is even in the way that we move.

                        FEBIE L.

                        Anyone who is willing to dedicate their life to nurturing another life should have every opportunity to do so. I wish to educate myself on assisted reproductive technologies that help couples overcome infertility.

                            KEANU C

                            Possessing a selfless attitude, good problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and commitment to patient advocacy are all the things that have led me to choose nursing.

                                ENRICO D.

                                One day, I stared at myself in the mirror, told myself I was enough, and burst into tears. I am my own person. I am valid... I’m loving myself, living in the moment, and embracing love and support from people who offer it.

                                    MAE J.

                                    I plan to someday go beyond advocating, learning, and researching; I’m determined to become a clinical psychologist who provides direct support to individuals who struggle with mental health issues.

                                        LAIBA Z.

                                        I believe that people shouldn't have to hide themselves to blend in with the crowd. I finally gained the confidence to not let the opinions of others stop me from expressing myself.

                                            VANESSA S.

                                            My self-expression is constructed by little dots of my cultural experiences that have created the person that I am today.

                                                MYRA J.

                                                I will graduate with my Bachelors at the age of 19 due to my persistence in high school and I have begun my Master’s degree program. I also started a company named “Mexituras” to help bring awareness to Artisans in Mexico who make $1 for every hour worked.


                                                  SCHOLARSHIP CRITERIA

                                                  • Must be located in the US, District of Columbia, Australia, New Zealand 
                                                  • Must be at least 16 years old at the time of application  
                                                  • Applicant's educational goals have a clearly defined purpose + mission, plus a specific use for the funds as explained in your application  
                                                  • Applicants must attend or plan to attend a two-year or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school


                                                  • April 14th Scholarship open for applications
                                                  • June 9th Scholarship application period ends 
                                                  • July 1st  Semi-finalists are notified + given their video prompt 
                                                  • July 15th Final due date for video entries 
                                                  • On or around August 2nd Recipients will be notified + announced

                                                  SELECTION PROCESS

                                                  • First-round written submissions are reviewed + semi-finalists will be invited to a second round, where they will create a one-minute video submission. The Quay team will review the group of finalists from the second round to select final winners.  
                                                  • Twelve (12) winners will each receive $10,000 USD for a total of $100,000 USD in scholarships. All fifty (50) semi-finalists will also receive merchandise gift cards, redeemable for one (1) pair of sunnies or blue light glasses ($85 value).

                                                  EVALUATION CRITERIA

                                                  Semi-finalists Answers will be evaluated in the following proportions: use of funds (20%), writing ability (20%), creativity (20%), originality (20%), and overall excellence (20%).

                                                  Finalists Answers will be evaluated in the following proportions: answers video prompt question (25%), creativity (25%), originality (25%), and overall excellence (25%)

                                                  WRITTEN APPLICATION QUESTIONS

                                                  • Full name  
                                                  • Email  
                                                  • Phone number 
                                                  • Physical address, including country 
                                                  • Anticipated high school graduation date 
                                                  • Birth date  
                                                  • Annual household income 
                                                  • Ethnicity  
                                                  • Essay 1 (250 words or less): What are your educational goals, and how would you use this scholarship to support those goals?  
                                                  • Essay 2 (250 words or less): Self-expression is a core value at Quay. What does self-expression mean to you? 

                                                  Submissions are now closed, and the winners have been notified. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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