We're spotlighting five changemakers within the LGBTQIA+ community,
sharing their stories and empowering the icons they are.


 "Be who you are, there's no more rules" - Cooper and Luca Coyle

 Sugar & Spice Drag Performers

@Coopercoyle @Lucacoyle 


 "Freedom is not apologizing for who I am" - Lucia Salazar-Davidson

Musician | GLSEN National Student Council Member


“Queer is a way of seeing the world” - Jas Lin



“Confidence is being your authentic self” - Tyus-Immanuel Berry

 DJ | Fashion Model



100% of proceeds up to $100K from our Pride collection will be donated to GLSEN, an organization leading the movement in creating a more inclusive educational environment for K-12 LGBTQIA+ youth.

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 About GLSEN (pronounced glisten)

GLSEN was born from a spark—an idea—an action.
That spark became the first GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliances, also known as Gay-Straight Alliances), an alliance of understanding, support, and safety between a teacher and a student who felt different and targeted.
Today, after over 30 years of leading the movement, GLSEN’s national network is more than 1.5 million strong, with students, families, educators, and education advocates working to create safe schools. Safety in school means being who you are without fear of violence, retaliation, and consequence. It means acceptance and support to learn who you will become while earning the academic education and success every young person deserves, because no young person should have to choose between their wellbeing and education.


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