Community Conversations: Kicking Off Black History Month at Quay


Community Conversations: Kicking Off Black History Month at Quay


From top left to right: Arielle, Chia, Jovan
From bottom left to right: James, Rachael, Belle

We're keeping the conversation going all month long + talking about the drip that exists in Blackness. It goes by many names—Black excellence, Black joy, the sauce—and we’re kicking it all off with our employees in a Q/A.

What do you do at Quay?

ARIELLE, STYLIST @ GLENDALE GALLERIA: The best part about my job is that I get to connect with customers through the styling experience. I LOVE bringing people out of their comfort zones, as it boosts their self-confidence...

BELLE, STYLIST @ DOMAIN: I am a Sales Lead Quay Domain Northside in Austin!

CHIA, PLANNING MANAGER: My title is Manager, Demand Planning—I work closely with our shop’s team.

JAMES, REGIONAL MANAGER: I’m a District Manager for Retail Shops at Quay. I manage stores in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida.

JAVON, STYLIST @ FASHION SHOW: PT Sales Lead at Fashion Show [in Las Vegas].

JOVAN, SR. DESIGNER: I help create the digital brand look, collaboration campaigns, and promos through web design for

RACHAEL, STYLIST @ FASHION SQUARE: I work as a FT Sales Lead who drives sales for my store/team, creating a great experience for my customers.

Are there any specific Black Culture moments that inspired you to work in fashion?

ARIELLE: Growing up, noticing the style of the Black culture itself was an inspiration. Black culture sets a statement through our fashion, from our clothes to the aesthetics, and most importantly, the versatility of our hair.

JAMES: All things Prince! Seeing a man that resembled me, and that was so effortlessly himself was wildly inspiring. He challenged me to think about self-expression without boundaries.

RACHAEL: I remember watching Naomi and Tyra walk in a few fashion shows and saw how beautiful they were. They made me feel confident and showed me the representation that I needed when I was younger. There weren't many toys or barbies for me to play with that were Black or mixed like me.

How do you celebrate Black History Month?

BELLE: I celebrate by seeing how much influence Black culture has in day-to-day life with fashion, music, and food!

CHIA: To be honest, BHM has never felt like it was for Black people. For me, it has always felt like a reminder for everyone else about the culture, the history, the difficulties, and the joys of being Black. I celebrate, enjoy, and love being Black every day of the year. 

RACHAEL: By taking time to appreciate everything that I have, what I worked for, and my accomplishments, my ancestors allowed me to get to where I am.

What piece of Black History do you think more people should know?

CHIA: The cartoon character Betty Boop was based on a Black jazz singer named Esther Jones. She popularized ‘baby’ type vocals and ‘boops’ in jazz songs.

JAMES: Madam C.J. Walker was the first female self-made millionaire in the US. Her granddaughter is my mother’s best friend. Her story was something we heard growing up, and our Aunt LeLe went on to write a book about her grandmother. That book has turned into stories that have now been translated into a series on Netflix called “Self-made.”

JOVAN: It's hard to narrow it down, but all the inventions that Black people have contributed that get swept under the rug and may not be common knowledge like Home Security Systems Co-Invented by Mary Van Brittan Brown or the Three-Light Traffic Light by Garrett Morgan.

What is one Black-owned business you support all year that everyone should support too?

ARIELLE: I like to support smaller Black-owned close friend Gabrielle Myers is a dance choreographer and teacher. Being in that industry, there's not much Black representation, so she is paving the way to show Black girls and women of all ages that they are capable, if not more, to express themselves.

CHIA: Just one? I have two! Wine: I’m lucky to be a member of Brown Estates in Napa. They are one of the very few Black-owned wineries in the world. Coffee:  Red Bay Coffee is delicious. Whether I buy beans to make coffee at home or drink something brewed from their shop, it is always delicious!

JAVON: I would support @jameldeon...He is a rapper but also has a brand called “Hustle with Me.” The brand is meant to motivate, uplift. and inspire the hustler in you! It’s about working hard, looking fly, and getting your hustle on.


We believe that all people—regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or creed—deserve respect, opportunity, and love.


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